Bluemar is EXCITED to announce our partnership with TobyRich!

TobyRich ‘Making the next generation of Smartphone gadgets’. Bluemar will be one of the first places to purchase TobyRich most innovative products in the USA. The SmartPlane and MicroSUV. Available through Bluemar distribution and Bluroo online retail.

Fun within your own four walls
The SmartPlane is ultra light and, with its slow flying speed, it is designed specifically for indoor areas such as hallways, large living room, entrance hall, spacious meeting rooms, exhibition halls and sports halls. But even outside in calm conditions, there are no limits to the fun of flying!
The pilot controls the SmartPlane intuitively with the iPhone held on their palm. The SmartPlane responds to hand movements of the pilot in realtime. Tilt, turn and increase the throttle – it cannot get any simpler! You only need one hand to control the SmartPlane, which allows huge freedom when you fly, and further strengthens the intuitive feel of the control interface.

It’s not mini… it’s Micro
Earlier, you would have pushed it by hand, today you can control it with your smartphone. MicroSUV is indeed the future of remote-controlled toys.
– Ultra Small: driving pleasure in XXS
– Only 5.8 cm long and 3cm wide car can drive anywhere. Whether your desk or on a sidewalk: full speed ahead!
– 20-minute drive, ultra-fast charging
– Super-fast charging via the USB cable for a long ride!
– Various lighting and sound modes
– Everything is possible: light, headlights, underbody lights, hazard lights, left/right turn indicators, siren, flashing lights and horn. Great sound effects accompany everything!
– Includes a race course checkpoint and traffic cones

Build a racetrack using the 10 traffic cones and automatically time your laps! Race against your friends!