Your Product Here

If you can imagine your product in every home, we can guide you through the steps toward achieving your vision. From purchasing to promoting to distribution, our team is fully immersed in the process of launching quality brands and their products into the largest American retail stores and across every channel of commerce.

Imagine your product in every home.

Retail Strategy

A go-to-market strategy is uniquely built with a holistic marketing plan to maximize efficiency and effectiveness for your product to reach and influence U.S. consumers. The strategy covers everything from the retail channels where your product will be featured, to the pricing, sales incentives and how the product will be displayed on the shelf.

Logistics & Distribution

Let us take care of the complicated stuff. We will plan the end-to-end logistics management and supply chain management components necessary to drive U.S. consumer awareness, demand and purchase of your product. Some of the world's biggest retailers trust us to deliver their orders on time, every time.

Product Marketing

As a full-service sales and distribution force we will work through the process of bringing your product to market and oversee its overall success. Our product marketing experts and partners are focused on understanding buyer preferences, writing positioning and messaging that will resonate with US consumers to drive awareness, demand and sales of your product.

Sales & Results

Our team has over 30 years of combined industry experience working with the biggest names in US Retail. Bluemar is a perfect partner to help establish your brands footprint within US retail. We will purchase, store and manage all aspects of product distribution to make your product available for purchase across all relevant retail channels, ecommerce websites and retail stores.