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Walking around a large college campus is always a struggle for students. Early morning seminars at the other end of campus, or getting quickly around during the short break between classes can prove impossible on short time. For the everyday student, time is precious, and the snooze button always takes precedence. The latest trend at the University of New Hampshire, among other college campuses are mopeds which can be both expensive and bulky.

We brought the Jupiter Bike, a light-weight, foldable, electric bike to UNH’s campus for students to test out. The bike, which takes about 30 minutes to charge from any wall outlet, can go up to 15 miles per hour, and its charge can last up to 2 hours. It works with a gas and brake lever on the handle bars which the rider easily pushes down to make the bike go or stop. We had students test out the bike, riding it around the college campus and checking out how easily and efficiently you can get from one place to another, while having a good time.

Students were shocked to see such a small, unique styled bike flying around campus. Its lightweight frame can easily be placed into a bike rack or folded up and transported in a backpack. The Jupiter Bike is also perfect for city commuters looking for an easy mode into work, while being eco-friendly. The compact design is great for traveling and for those who love adventure. And the biggest bonus of the Jupiter Bike – it’s just really fun to ride! With the holidays right around the corner what better gift to ask for then a brand new Jupiter Bike?

Check out the video of all the fun we had on the UNH Campus, and visit the Jupiter Bike website for more information!